no fucks given meme


July 17, 2017 | CoolTeez Apparel

Have you ever found yourself in a state of mind where you just really don’t care about certain things that happen around you?

Or maybe you are just in the mood where you refuse to let things other people do bother you?

An example would be if you know you must get up early in the morning, but you want to go party.

In this case, you didn’t care about the consequences because you gave Nan Fvcks.

Your boyfriend has been trying to get you back, but you’re like never.

In the situation, you gave Nan Fvcks about his feelings.

If any of these things fit your state of mind then perhaps you really just don’t give f***!

By not giving a f*ck (a nicer way to say the f-word with people being able to know what is meant), you’re able to move forward after you get in a situation that could have caused you to react poorly.

Not giving a f*ck allows you to overcome issues quickly and is quite an empowering state of mind.

“Nan Fvcks Given” has developed into a common phrase to celebrate the fact that you’re in your feeling and it would be wise to leave you alone.

One new style trend is wearing clothes that contain statements that show your empowering “Nan Fvcks Given” state of being.

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