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July 23, 2017 | CoolTeez Apparel

Happiness may not come to all of us when we exactly want it.

For people who can conquer their fears and doubts in a constructive healthy manner, it becomes a choice.

A choice nurtured to see the glass half full instead of half empty.

To see the good in everything and meet the challenges of life quietly and with courage.

Why Cool Tee Shirts Equals Happiness

Happiness is a choice to stay positive no matter what thus putting at bay the forces that take you out of your zone.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Good Vibes Only.”

That shit is real so you have to nurture your body, mind, and spirit to the max.

Laughing and loving as much as you can while savoring the most excellent memories of your life.

Your ooze gratitude for your for what you have instead of what you don’t.

And on those rare occasions when your happiness is amplified on a level rarely seen.

You can truly say you are “Happy AF!”

In recognition of true happiness, CoolTeez Apparel brings you the “Happy AF!” typography design to place on your favorite item of normal everyday casual wear.

At CoolTeez Apparel we’ve endeavored to give you the best classic, evergreen urban trendy clothing to arrange your preferred typography slogan on.

Happy Af Cool Graphic Tees

Here is a menu of the items you can put your design on to purchase.

Ladies Unisex Tee Shirt
Ladies Scoop Neck Design T-Shirt
V Neck Cool Graphic Tees for Ladies
Women’s Casual Tank Tops
Racerback Performance Tank Tops for Ladies
Ladies Hoody T Shirt
Ladies Trendy Hoodies
Ladies Long Sleeve High-Quality Graphic Tees


Guys Unique Graphic Tees
Guys Tall Rapper Graphic Tees
Men’s Muscle Tee Shirts
Men’s Sleeveless Muscles Tees
Men’s Awesome Hoodie
Guys Tall Trendy Hoodies
Men’s Hooded Tee Shirt
Men’s Long Sleeve Vintage Tees

At Coolteez, the complete collection of print on demand and embroidered urban street wear for both men and women are intended to mirror the traditions and way of life of these streets using relaxing materials that happen to be long-lasting and durable.

Bold threads. Bold statements. You!

That’s where pop culture meets urban street life.

The intent behind this video is to broaden your horizons and to provide you with a little street fashion motivation to generate your quintessential wardrobe. Coupling CoolTeez Apparel using what you currently have in your closet can improve your individual fashion collection from ordinary to hip.