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June 25, 2017 | CoolTeez Apparel

It’s a fully understood undeniable fact that women love money, but why?


Women desire moolah for a variety of reasons: hard cash allows them to control the intricate facets of their lives; bread allows them to shop; money pays for manicures and pedicures; money pays for a day at the salons and spas.

These are probably some of the most prominent superficial reasons women like money – sometimes more than their significant other.

Hint! Hint!

Money is Control

Money makes the world go round; it provides you with your most basic needs – food, clothing, medical care, a place to lay your head.

Having dollars gives a feeling of security – a sense you will be OK, no matter what life throws at you.

Ladies are big into truly being secure, and money is one thing which offers them this sense.


Anybody who has a pulse knows women would prefer to shop.

And, women wish to shop for the best things they can afford or not afford; ergo, women love that bread because money makes dreams come true, and not just for the daily necessities.

Money fulfills the humanistic urge to have what you want, get what you want, whenever you want it period.

Point blank if you asked the question do you want money or men, a good majority of women would agree “Money is My Bae.”

Bae Watch If You’re a Woman That Loves Money Quotes

Spa Day!
Ladies just want to take the time for a little pampering, and money is one way they can do it on a consistent basis.

A mani-pedi is not terribly expensive, but it’s a luxury most women can’t do without.

I haven’t met a woman yet who doesn’t love getting her hair done at the salon.

It’s another way to chill out and relax and come out looking like a million dollars.

Money makes it possible, and it’s just another reason women have to have the dough.

Money is My Bae
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