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June 15, 2017 | CoolTeez Apparel

One of the goals of any consumer of hip hop urban clothing is the need to stand out from the rest of the crowd and be completely unique.

This can only come about if the preferred fashion streetwear is designed in such a manner as to set the trendsetter apart from the others.

This call for two preconditions – a company that has the wherewithal to produce urban wear that uniquely sets the wearer apart and the technology that has the ability to generate that very result.

Print on Demand T-Shirts, Hoodie and Tank Tops

Print on Demand is a technology, system, or process in which individual items (in this case garments) are printed or decorated uniquely and in response to the precise needs of the customers by use of digital technology.

Coolteez Print on Demand Design

At we understand that various pop culture tastemakers may want threads that relate well to the various occasions, events, themes, or personal preferences.

That’s why we have a system for clients to easily place orders for us to produce them custom made apparel that portray the designs of their choosing.

Below are three examples of the kinds of trendy chic street style we have already made/printed by use of this technology:

Keep Calm Money – Ladies Long Sleeve Graphic Print Shirts

It is a light-weight, customized, and long-sleeve T-shirt that confers maximum comfort especially during the chilly months of the year. It is very warm given the fact that it comprises unlined hood and comfortable long sleeves.

Best Wife Ever – Women’s Clubwear Custom Tee Shirts

Spinning classes, evening get-togethers, and pop culture events require very casual attire that is full of fun.

The occasions are further enjoyed if the preferred clothing is customized to reflect the unique circumstances surrounding the said events.

This T-shirt, which is custom-produced by us, is intended for such circumstances. It combines comfort, chic-ness, and pop-culture to offer the modern woman all the necessary comfort, life, and convenience.

Body Goals – Women’s Hip Hop Hoodies Trendy Club Clothing

This simple and fashionable know-how T-shirt hoodie is a relatively new kind of urban hipster fashion that is produced by us. It is handy during mild weather conditions i.e. not too hot or not too cold. It is light in weight, ideal for women, and quite relevant in pop culture fashion universe.

A comprehensive listing of the remaining urban streetwear as well as the finer details and costs of the afore-listed ones may be accessed by simply checking out the site.

Coolteez Apparel also pairs perfectly with the following major fashion trends for the year 2017: is the first point of contact for anyone who wishes to leverage the benefits of print-on-demand attire.

This is because we have all the necessary technical know-how, work experience, specialized staff, and tools-of-trade needed to print just about every other design and to select the most suitable attire for whichever occasion.

To get started, precious would-be clients like you are simply required to join the Coolteez Club by logging on to our site: and signing up.

You will receive information concerning discounts, new arrivals, special offers, promos, coupons, contests, e-mails, and newsletters, from time to time.

You can also place an order or request a free quote from us.

We will be glad to receive such inquiries and respond to them soonest possible!

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