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August 3, 2017 | CoolTeez Apparel

In the spirit of the back to school season, CoolTeez Apparel offers stylish print on garment wear to increase your urban wear credibility. Shopping this season could not be more relevant to your pop culture street style as eloquently described in the article below.

Summer is winding down and the back-to-school selling season is well under way. Back-to-school sales are expected to grow more than 10% over 2016 to $83.6 billion — the second-biggest haul for retailers after 2012’s all-time high of $83.8 billion. Why back-to-school shopping is really relevant in 2017 | Retail Dive

Back to School Outfits and Tips to Enhance Your Fashion Flow

As we continue, here are a few style videos from popular YouTubers to stimulate your fashion senses. Take it all in and add a couple of pieces of CoolTeez Urban Couture to your list of things to purchase this fall season.

The purpose of this video is to expand your horizons and to provide you with a little street fashion inspiration to generate your ideal wardrobe. Pairing our Apparel using what you currently have in your closet can update your personal fashion collection from ordinary to fleek.

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At Coolteez, the complete collection of print on demand and embroidered urban street wear for both men and women are intended to mirror the traditions and way of life of these streets using relaxing materials that happen to be long-lasting and durable.

Bold clothing. Ambitious slogans. Your flow!

That’s Coolteez.net where pop culture encounters urban street life.