success is the best revenge


June 22, 2017 | CoolTeez Apparel

Life is hard enough without people constantly telling your dreams and goals can’t be reached. You’re not good enough! You can’t possibly achieve that. You just don’t have what it takes kid. Don’t believe them. Anything they can do you can do better. This article by Wanderlust Workers can become your inspiration.

The Best Revenge Is Massive Success

People want others to fail because that is human nature.  People will not gloat about success.  They will gloat about failure.  It’s just the fact of life. see the complete storyline


The scenarios by which we are broken down in our everyday struggles can be a weight on our lives. These are the moments by which life truly tests your metal. And the person who fights through the monotony and comes through the other side is much better for the experience as stated in this article by Catherine Hickland.

Success Is the Best Revenge: Getting Over Your Ex Lover – Useful information on Living and Love

“What do you know, it’s true after all. Success really is the best revenge!” explore the full storyline


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