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June 16, 2017 | CoolTeez Apparel

Shopping is on your mind today.

You throw on your favorite leggings and sandals.

And to top it off you’re rocking a new fashionable graphic tee from Coolteez Apparel.

The shirt is comfy, the chosen graphic print is on point, and the style and fit accentuate your beautiful shape.

The sliding doors open and you’re in the mall curly cute and ready to shop.

Here come the wandering eyes of the general mall patrons admiring cuteness and reading the incredible graphic design on your shirt.

Today you chose to wear the “Curly Cute” short sleeve scoop neck tee.

Your style and the flawless curls got you popping as all eyes are on you.

You stop for a Latte, and the cashier says, I love your hair and that shirt.

You mozy into the biggest department store in the mall and group of ladies behind the makeup counter give you kudos on your shirt as they try to sell you some lip gloss.

Strolling along the corridors of this gigantic mall you feel fantastic because all the attention is on you thanks to CoolTeez Apparel.

And you know how you love attention ladies.

Especially when everyone minds their business and stays in their lane.

Today is a good day.

Stories and memories like these await you when you choose to shop at one of the newest streetwear brands on fleek.

CoolTeez Apparel

Our Hip Hop Urban Wear Pairs Well with Curly Hair Styles

At Coolteez, the complete collection of print on demand and embroidered urban street wear for both men and women is intended to mirror the traditions and way of life of these streets using relaxing materials that happen to be long-lasting and durable.

Bold clothing. Stunning slogans. Your flow!

That’s Coolteez.net where pop culture tailors to urban street life.

At CoolTeez Apparel we have tried to give you the perfect classic, evergreen hip hop clothing to insert your selected graphic designs on. The following is a list of the products you can place your design on to purchase.

Women’s Unisex Hip Hop Tee
Women’s Scoop Neck Design T-Shirt
V-Neck Designer Tshirts for Ladies
Women’s Colored Tank Tops
Racerback Vintage Tank Tops for Women
Women’s Tshirt Hoodie
Women’s Cool Design Hoodies
Females Long Sleeve T Shirts with Cool Sayings
Ladies Cotton Twill Hats
Young Ladies Rap Snapbacks
Females Knitted Beanie Hat
Young Ladies Skull Cap Beanie
Young Ladies Knit Beanies with Pom