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July 8, 2017 | CoolTeez Apparel

Friend A: “Yo bruh, bout to head to this day party and mack on some women. Are you in?”

Friend B: ”Naw man, I gotta head to the trap, put in work, and get this paper!”

Trap is a slang term that means to hustle and/or hustle for money.

These days when people use the terminology as an acronym, it means to work hard and try your best at whatever you may do.

The word “trap” can now be traded out in just about any sentence for the word “work.”

A recent style trend is to sport slang terms that give a statement about yourself on your clothing.

Chic Street Style Trap Music Customized Tees carries a large variety of apparel that has statements in slang terms printed on them including “Trap.”

If showing the world that you grind for yours, then any number of’s men’s and women’s clothing that say “Trap” would suit you.

The website is easy to navigate, and they offer free membership to their CoolTeez Club so you can receive e-mails of special discounts, contests, and other members-only perks.

The folks at CoolTeez Apparel know that keeping up with the latest fashion trends is important to many of their customers; therefore they work hard to come out with products that fit in with the most recent street couture fashion trends for men and women.

One new fashion trend for 2017 in women’s urban wear that is all over fashion YouTube channels is the mini dress.

The “Trap” logo comes on a lovely women’s racerback tank top that will fit the small dress trend.

Other products available for females include urban scoop neck tee shirts and tank tops for the gym.

According to many men’s fashion sites on the internet, the men’s tee shirt is still an article of clothing that fits the latest in men’s style trends. offers a variety of tee shirts for men that will keep you in touch with the fashion world.

One type they offer is the sleek looking Music Pop Culture Guy’s Hot Graphic tee that makes the typography graphic pop out

The purpose of this video is to expand your perspectives and to offer you a little clothing motivation to create your ultimate clothing collection. Pairing CoolTeez Apparel with what you currently have in your closet can change your personalized streetwear collection from regular to trendy.