original gangster


July 27, 2017 | CoolTeez Apparel

In these streets, the term of endearment “OG” stands for original gangster.

This connotation applies to some individuals who have gained notoriety for doing dirt in the past and came out shining.

While others through this gauntlet of life have learned valuable lessons only to attempt to teach the youngins not to make the same stupid mistake they have.

Others have done it all and done so big that their names are legendary in the history of our culture.

These are more mature individuals who represent so hard they are blessed with the moniker “Triple OG.”

You know the type when you see it and there is no denying essence of their presence.

They did it BIG!

In honor of all the players out there who fit this description, CoolTeez.net presents the “Triple OG” collection.

This typography design is available on our print on demand and embroidered products.

At CoolTeez Apparel we have strived to provide you the very best time honored, evergreen old school hip hop clothing to insert your preferred artwork on. Here is a group of the goods you can put your design on to purchase.

Guys Sick Graphic Tees
Gentlemens Tall Trendy Graphic Tees
Men’s Plain Muscle Tees
Gent’s Sleeveless Muscle Tees
Gent’s Custom Made Hoodie
Gent’s Tall Sweatshirts Hoodies
Gent’s Long Sleeve Hoodie Shirt
Mens Long Sleeve Fresh Tees
Mens Flex Fit Caps
Guys Dope Snap Backs
Gentlemens Beanie Knit Hats
Gent’s Skull Caps
Mens Customizable Beanies with Pom

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That’s Coolteez.net where pop culture tailors to urban street life.

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